Graham Price

15 Marloes Road


London W8 6LQ

t. 020 7244 6848

m. 07836 764888


I worked as a photographer's assistant in a large studio in Nottingham at the beginning of my career. I quickly realised that London would open a greater number of photographic possibilities to me. At the age of 21 I moved down to the Big Smoke and spent two years studying photography, at which point I felt confident enough to start showing my portfolio to advertising agencies and designers. Showing a willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to get a picture, opened a number of doors for me almost immediately. One agency was very pleased when I managed to blag my way airside at Stansted airport to photograph an Airbus from an elevated platform. The brief was to present as a pitch to a prospective client of the agency, which the agency eventually won. I didn't get paid for my efforts, but a considerable amount of work followed as my reputation grew. During my career I have had the great fortune to travel extensively and my work has taken me around much of Europe, India, Asia and Australia. I am an easy going, affable character, who is very happy to really listen to the needs of my clients, without letting a big ego get in the way. I provide a completely reliable service and provide fabulous images, often delivered the same day, and I don't charge the earth. I have a keen eye for lighting, composition and form and can create stunning imagery from the most unlikely subject matter. I have kept the same mobile number 07836 764888 for the past 25 years, which means I can always be easily contacted. I look forward to hearing from you.


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