In 2012 Museum Photographer, Graham Price was commissioned by Ned Hoste of 2H Design to photograph the Russell-Cotes Museum and grounds in Bournemouth, England. East Cliff Hall was the home of Sir Merton Russell-Cotes (1835-1921) and Lady Russell-Cotes (1835-1920). The building of East Cliff Hall was begun in 1897 and was completed in its first form in 1901. Sir Merton wrote, “I had made up my mind to construct it architecturally to combine the Renaissance with Italian and old Scottish baronial styles.” On the 15th July 1901 Sir Merton presented East Cliff Hall to his wife as a gift on her birthday. Like many wealthy Victorians, Sir Merton and Lady Russell-Cotes travelled the world visiting many countries including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, America and Hawaii and used the house as a showcase for their growing collections.


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